About Me

My name is Peter Thompson, and I am a young birder from northeastern Connecticut. Right now I am 16 years old, and a senior in high school. I have been interested in birds for a long time, starting when I got my first field guide at age 10. But, I only seriously got into birding in March 2014, around when I got into eBird and got my camera. Ever since then, I’ve been birding as much as I can, although I sometimes have trouble getting down to the coast and seeing everything I want. My lifelist has risen above 400 species, and I have seen over 250 of those in Connecticut. Outside of my home state, I’ve birded a lot in New England and New York, as well as spending time in Florida and Texas occasionally. I’ve also been to Europe twice, visiting France and England, which allowed for some birding time.

My favorite birds are the Cerulean Warbler (duh) and the Louisiana Waterthrush, the latter being because I’ve had the fortune to hear them singing across the street from my house all summer and have taken a liking to them. I really enjoy birding the woodlands of northern Connecticut due to all the lovely songbirds that fill them during the summer, but marshy habitats can also be fun as long as they are full of ducks and shorebirds. This fall I’ll be attending the University of Maryland to pursue a major in math with a Statistics track. I won’t be able to bird much down there but I’ll do my best to keep things interesting over here.